Creative Glass Guild

Creative Glass Guild glass beads

I used to walk past the Creative Glass Guild when it was in its original home on Redland Road in Bristol. It started life as a Stained Glass making company. Since 2000 the company has expanded and moved twice, and can now be found on Albert Road in St Phillips. In 2004, the Creative Glass Guild was taken over by James and Deborah Paget.

Creative Glass Guild stained glass

The Creative Glass Guild is both a supplier of glass art products and a place where you can go and learn how to do all sorts of creative things with glass. They have courses in: stained glass, glass fusing, lampwork bead making, painting on glass, glass engraving, mosaic and tiffany lamp copper foiling.

Creative Glass Guild fused glass 3

Prices vary from £99 for a one-day stained glass taster course to £699 for a 31 week course exploring different mediums in glass working. As well as delivering group courses, they offer the chance to come and learn about glass art in a one-to-one session too.

Creative Glass Guild fused glass 2

Once you have learned a particular skill and decided that you want to develop your work at home, you can buy your equipment and supplies from the Creative Glass Guild, either in person or using their online shop.

For more information about the Creative Glass Guild see their website:

Creative Glass Guild fused glass

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