Let’s Make Art

So far you may have noticed that most of the art, craft and design courses that have been covered on Creative Bristol have been for adults – or at least older children. Well, children do get the opportunity to study art at school as part of the national curriculum, so many children will have some kind of creative experiences on a regular basis. However, this does not necessarily provide exactly what they are looking for, and it doesn’t offer opportunities for children who have not started school yet.

lets make art image

Let’s Make Art is an initiative which aims to provide high quality, well-resourced art sessions, for children aged 2 – 11+. It was launched by Karen and Alice in the summer of 2012. As parents they understood that it can be a struggle to think of new ideas for creative play – and the mess created can be daunting.

Let’s Make Art gives children the opportunity to discover and create high quality artwork in a safe and friendly environment, allowing young creative minds to soar. Karen and Alice believe that creativity strengthens all aspects of learning: by encouraging a child’s creativity, success in other areas of their life will follow. The classes they provide introduce and develop the concepts of colour, texture, composition and technique. As well as developing fine motor and problem-solving skills, children will get messy and have fun with a wide variety of art materials, proudly taking home plenty of masterpieces to show friends and family.

Karen is an artist and designer with a degree in Textiles and Fashion and a passion for teaching art to young children. Her experience ranges from designing and managing her own clothing business to teaching at Reception level and running art workshops for secondary school children. She is currently an artist-in-residence at Henbury School, assisting in the Art and Textiles department. She also runs workshops in printmaking and sewing at registered charity One25. Alice is an artist and a teacher. Her degree is in primary education and she has a background in fine art. Alice has taught in Finland and the UK, specialising in literacy and art. She also runs workshops for children at the RWA and is the specialist photographer for Art magazine. Alice is an award-winning photographer, working freelance in Bristol and beyond.

For more information about Let’s Make Art, see their website: http://www.letsmakeart.co.uk/ and their blog: http://letsmakeartblog.blogspot.co.uk/

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