Creative Bristol

Why have a blog site dedicated to ‘Creative Bristol’? What is so special about Bristol that is worth writing a blog about?

If you are one of the people who decided to live in Bristol because you found out about how creative it is, none of this will be new to you. On the other hand, if you don’t know much about Bristol, read on. I hope you find this post inspiring!


Bristol is a county and city in the South West of England. It is 110 square kilometres in size and has a population of 428,100. Bristol is the 7th largest city in England (not including London) and the 10th largest Local Authority in England and Wales.


In recent years Bristol has become known as the home of Aardman Animations and Banksy. But these are just two examples of the huge amount of creative activity that is carried out here.

As a practicing artist I love living in Bristol for a number of reasons.
1. There is such a strong creative vibe around the city that you feel like you are never far from like-minded people who will share your love of creating.
2. The creative world of Bristol does not feel exclusive – it doesn’t matter who you are: young, old, wealthy or strapped for cash – there is a way for you to create something, somewhere.
3. Much of the creative activity is organised by individuals or small groups of people, without the involvement of large organisations. Galleries and venues for creative activities are constantly popping up around the city. These venues make it possible for people starting out on their creative journeys to share their work with others.
4. Larger creative umbrella organisations have evolved, such as Bristol Creatives and Made in Bristol. These groups help to provide a focus around which like-minded creative people can gather, plan activities and share resources.

I still meet people who are not really aware of what an amazing place Bristol is. Bristol’s location in the South West has given it a reputation for being a place full of tractor-driving yokels and people on the way to the seaside. But Bristol is a whole set of different environments, all packed into one small space. If you walked around for a while you could find yourself in the countryside, the harbour, surrounded by beautiful Georgian terraces and negotiating urban decay, all in the space of a morning.

Compared to bigger cities such as London, Birmingham and Manchester, Bristol has such a lot going on, even though it is much smaller. Perhaps the relatively small size of the place actually works to its advantage, as venues become well known and certain areas of the city become hot-spots for creative activity.

Bristol is my muse, and it is hard to imagine feeling so creative in any other city. If you are thinking of coming to Bristol, or you already live here but have never had the chance to be creative, follow this blog site and prepare to find out more about all of the amazing creative things that you could do.

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