Flying Saucers Pottery Café


Flying Saucers is a Painting Pottery Café located off the Clifton Triangle, not far from the top of Park Street in Bristol. At Flying Saucers you can choose a piece from the extensive range of over 100 items (including plates, bowls, mugs, a piggy bank, unicorn, fairy or dinosaur) and decorate it using special ceramic paints. When you have finished your piece(s), you leave them to be fired at Flying Saucers. Pieces are ready after a week, and can either be collected or sent to you by post.

A studio fee (£4 per child and £5 per adult) covers the paints, glazing and firing. This is added to the price of the piece(s) chosen to decorate. Pieces range in price from £7 to £50 (mugs and bowls start from £9 and plates from £11).


While you are painting your piece, you can purchase a drink and a snack from the Flying Saucers café area.

Flying saucers run parties for children and adults, as well as team building days. Children’s parties cost between £12 and £18 per child depending on the type of party selected.

On Tuesdays Flying Saucers hosts Toddler Tuesday where you can come along with your pre-schooler or baby, and receive 10% off pottery painting for your child – plus a free coffee for you.

Painting pottery is a good way to produce unique gifts or capture a baby’s foot or hand print. Flying Saucers sell gift vouchers (£5 and £10) which can be used to pay for a visit to the studio.

To find out more about what you can do at Flying Saucers, visit their website:

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