Creative Bristol: joining you on your creative journey in Bristol

You don’t have to go back very far in history to find people engaging in creative activities simply because that was the only way that they could make lots of things exist. With cheap mass production, it no longer makes much sense to knit a jumper, make a dress, re-upholster a chair or darn a sock. But we still do it. Why is that?

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People spend time doing art, craft and design activities for many different reasons. There is a common view that these activities are just what people do for enjoyment in their leisure time. For many people this can be true. Lots of the workshops and activities listed on this blog site offer a wonderful opportunity to dip in to an area of art, craft or design, with a supportive teacher and some fellow students. These events are also a great way of spending time with family or friends whilst using your hands to explore new materials and processes. Many places now offer the chance to hold a creative party, or to buy someone a gift voucher towards a class or course.

But art, craft and design activities can be much more than that. They can be therapeutic (see Stitchlinks for example). Using your mind and hands to create has huge potential benefits for mental and physical health.

And for some of us, art craft and design are not leisure activities (as much as we love what we do). They are our work. Taking your creative journey along this route is a brilliant opportunity to commit to developing your art, craft and design practice as far as possible. This is also where it can get a bit daunting. It is likely to mean that you will study some kind of substantial course in art, craft or design. It means that you will need to look for a job doing your creative work, or perhaps start up your own business. Either way, you are not just making stuff for fun anymore – you need to earn a living and cover the costs of creating your work.

The purpose of this blog site is to join you on your creative journey, whether you take this journey for leisure, therapy or work. This site has been designed with everyone in mind: the complete beginner who is just thinking about starting a creative journey, the hobbyist who likes to play, the person who wants to study towards a career in art, craft or design, or the established practising artist. In Bristol there are opportunities to be creative throughout your whole life, from birth onwards, so it is never too early or too late to take part in a class, club or event.

So, here’s what’s coming up on Creative Bristol…

• Information about different areas of art, craft and design.
• Ideas about where to go to take part in creative classes, clubs and events.
• Where to buy supplies for your creative activities.
• Discussions with some of the amazingly creative people in Bristol and an opportunity to learn about their creative journeys.
• Some thoughts on the challenges faced by those who are working (often alone) making stuff, doing the thing that they love, but who would welcome the chance to be with others who are excited about the things that they are excited about, who would like to know where to go to learn a particular skill or technique so that they can include it in their work, and who want to share their creative journey with others.
• The challenges involved in deciding if, when and how to put the products of your creative activity out into the world – either as part of an exhibition, market, shop or online selling platform.

This site is about our creative journeys in Creative Bristol. Please feel free to contribute to this blog site by adding comments to the posts. We would love to hear about your creative journey.

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