Time to think about being creative in Bristol

If you are like me, your New Year doesn’t begin in January – it begins in September, when academic programmes in schools, colleges and other learning centres begin again in earnest. And, if like me, you spend some of the summer planning what you will do during the next academic year, you will not be disappointed with the opportunities available to you in our fabulously creative city of Bristol.
Bristol Drawing School at RWAshiney rocks 4graftworkshop 3OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAworkshop 22 3village pottery jenpottingHeart Space Studios workshops

Now is the time to check out the prospectuses of the larger established creative learning institutions, such as Bristol Adult Learning Service (based at Stoke Lodge and St Paul’s Learning Centre), Bristol School of Art, Bristol Folk House, City of Bristol College and the University of the West of England’s Centre for Creative Industries, to see what courses they have to offer – from one-day workshops to degrees – in a whole range of areas of creativity.

But you don’t necessarily need to sign up with one of the bigger institutions to have the chance to learn something creative. There are many places where you can go to learn and develop your creative skills in Bristol. Many of these offer specialist courses in one or more area of art, craft and design and just about everything is out there for you to try.

So, the only question you need to ask yourself is – what do you want to do?

Here are some of the creative activities for you to choose from:

Painting (watercolour, acrylic or oil)
Drawing (Life Drawing, Illustration, Botanical Drawing and much more)
Fine Art
Printing (screen printing plus many other printing techniques)
Paper Art
Book Making
Sewing (Embroidery, Dressmaking and other forms of sewing)
Knitting, Crochet and other yarn-crafts
Art History
Glass Art (including fusing, stained glass, lampworking and much more)
Jewellery Making and Beading
Digital Arts (including Graphic Design and Animation)
Pottery (and Pottery Painting)
Street Art
Patchwork and Quilting
Photography and Film Making
Upholstery, Furniture Design and Lampshade Making
Resin Art

Just about every area of art, craft and design is covered by the workshops and courses available in Bristol. And although many of these classes are designed for adults, Bristol has a growing number of places where children of all ages can go to be creative too.

Visit our Places page to see a directory of venues where you can go and be creative. To find out more about many of these places, have a look at the posts about them on the blog part of this site.

And once you have decided what you would like to learn, don’t forget to visit our Supplies page to see where you can get hold of the equipment you need to pursue your chosen area of creativity.

To keep up to date with all of the new classes, clubs and events in art, craft and design, don’t forget to ‘like’ our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter.

Have fun and be creative!

One thought on “Time to think about being creative in Bristol

  1. I can recommend the short fiction writing course at the Folk House. I would’ve returned this year for a second course, if only the spaces hadn’t been filled so quickly! But the Folk House is generally a nice place to learn and be creative. Tucked away from the main bustle of the city with a cafe as well.

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