If you have been involved in crafts and creative activities and live in the north of Bristol, you might have already heard of the shop called Creativity, located on Worrall Road, just off the top of Whiteladies Road. I have spent quite a bit of time (and money) in there over the last couple of decades!

shop front (1)

What I didn’t realise is how long the shop has been there. It was opened in 1979 by Pip Swindells, and will be celebrating its 35th birthday in May of this year.

Creativity 2

Over this time Pip has seen fashions in art and craft change. When the shop first opened, they specialised in selling supplies for tapestry and embroidery, jewellery making, patchwork, candle making and chair caning. Now they stock a huge range of products including paints, beads, haberdashery items, felt, yarn, fabric, stamps, pens, moulding clays, and much more. They also stock their own kits for making various items as well as boxed craft sets that make great gifts for children’s birthdays.

Creativity 4

Most importantly, when they add a new product to the shop Pip and her team always try it out, so that they are well placed to give advice to customers about all of the things that they sell. The Creativity staff have interests in different areas of art and craft, but if there is a query that they cannot help with, they can direct you to one of the many great books that they have in stock.

Creativity 3

Creativity also run occasional workshops to help you learn a particular skill, such as jewellery making. Check out the workshops page of their website for more information:

One of the great things about being open so long is that Pip has met several generations of families who have been coming to the shop to stock up on their art and craft supplies over the years. And given the resurgence of interest in craft, she now sees young people encouraging their parents to get involved in skills such as knitting that rather went out of fashion a decade or so ago.

Creativity 1

If you need a bit of inspiration, take a look at the window display that is put together by the Creativity staff. They always include some great things that you can make from the items available in the shop.

If you love making and need some creative supplies, make a visit to Creativity. If you can’t get to the shop in person, you can take advantage of the Creativity ebay shop that has been added to the business –

For more information about Creativity visit their website:

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