Bristol Art Map

Back in September 2013 I attended an open meeting about the future of the visual arts in Bristol. It was an interesting meeting, with lots of participants from across the city. The Open Space format allowed people to suggest topics for discussion. These topics were then allocated to a series of sessions that ran throughout the day. A full report of this meeting can be downloaded from:

One of the topics discussed was how to bring together the different arts organisations and activities in Bristol to showcase the amazing creativity of the city. The suggestion of a Bristol Art Map was made – and the first version of this map has just become available, to link with another new initiative: the inaugural Bristol Art Weekender.

Bristol-Art-Map_spring-2014 front cover

The Bristol Art Map is a non-profit collaborative project led by a working group from some of Bristol’s visual arts organisations and groups. They aim to publish the map quarterly and there is a subscription fee for those included.

The free map is designed to make it easy for residents and visitors to explore Bristol’s flourishing visual art scene. The map can be used to navigate around the city’s galleries, artist-run initiatives, temporary installations and public artworks.

One side of the document shows a map of the (largely) central area of the city. On this are marked 29 locations where you can find galleries, arts organisations and other creative spaces. The other side of the map has a listing of additional organisations, arts venues and projects. There is also a spotlight on the Bristol Art Weekender, which takes place from 2nd -5th May 2014.

You can pick up a paper copy of the map from venues around the city, including Arnolfini, or download a copy from

If you are interested in being included in the next edition of the Bristol Art Map, you can contact the organisers at Listings cost between £25 and £50 and the deadline for submissions is July 1st 2014.

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