St. Werburghs Art Trail 2014

Over the weekend of 27th and 28th September the area of St. Werburghs in Bristol will be hosting its ninth Arts Trail. St. Werburghs is an area in central north-east of the city, surrounded by the M32 motorway, railway embankments and lots of allotments.

St Werburghs Art Trail 2014 prog cover

The trail takes place in houses, shops, parks, pubs, community spaces, and other local venues around St Werburghs – see the map for specific venue locations and look out for the bunting outside venues as you walk around.

St Werburghs Art Trail brochure map 2014

There will be workshops and live performances of music and other creative activities throughout the weekend, including a Bake-Off, Hands on Art and music from the Gaswork Singers.

St Werburghs Art Trail 2014 timetable

Lots of local artists will be showing and selling their work during the trail including Lucy Winch, Von Grey, Knitted Pea, Jose Camacho, Kate Kato and Alex Lucas.

St WAT 2014 lucy_winch image

St WAT 2014 Von Grey image

St WAT 2014 Knitted Pea image

St WAT 2014 Jose Camacho image

St WAT 2014 kate_kato image

St WAT 2014 alex_lucas image

For more information about the St. Werburghs Art Trail visit their website:

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