Bristol Fine Art

If you are a Bristol artist, you will probably know the little shop called Bristol Fine Art very well. It has been serving the creatives of Bristol for nearly 50 years – and continues to offer great products and advice from its artist owner, Nick George.

Bristol Fine Art shop image

It is unclear just how long an artist’s supplies shop has been situated at the top of Park Row (just round the corner from Park Street and down the road from the Royal West of England Academy (RWA) and Bristol School of Art). But it has been owned by a succession of artists since at least 1967. Between 1997 and 2009 it was owned by the RWA and run by Nick, the present owner, who bought it from them in 2009.

Nick remembers the shop from when his artist Mum used to come to buy her supplies. When he began to develop his own artwork, he started to buy his supplies from there too.

Bristol Fine Art 6

His background as an artist and his long-standing connection with the shop have given him the opportunity to create links with artists across the city. Since taking over the shop he has dedicated his time to seeking out the supplies that artists rely on. Given the small size of the shop, he doesn’t carry vast quantities of stock. Rather, Nick uses the dialogue that he has established with Bristol artists to seek out and deliver the supplies requested by the artists themselves.

Bristol Fine Art 5 Bristol Fine Art 2

Bristol Fine Art sells a good range of drawing materials, brushes, pens, paper, sketchbooks, canvases, easels, paints and more. Nick has recently begun to stock a range of paint produced by Pip Seymour. This range is produced in Yorkshire by Pip and his wife. As well as delivering a high quality paint, Pip has worked with requests from customers of Bristol Fine Art to produce specific paint products for artists.

Bristol Fine Art 7

The flexible and personal approach is characteristic of Bristol Fine Art. Nick encourages artists to speak to him about their needs and then sets out to find the products required. This flexible approach does not make shopping at Bristol Fine Art prohibitively expensive though. Prices are kept at or below those of national art supplies shops to ensure that creative activities are made as accessible to as many people as possible – and a discount card brings further opportunities for saving money too.

Bristol Fine Art 1

Bristol Fine Art is not a large art and craft supplies shop with a vast range of different creative supplies. Its name, Bristol Fine Art, reflects its position in the Bristol creative world as a specialist art materials supplier. If you are looking for good quality art supplies, excellent advice, and the opportunity to seek out specific and hard-to find materials, pay a visit to this little shop. They are open 7 days a week  – and if you can’t get there in person, you can visit them online at

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