Where do you go to do your creative thinking? What sort of space might promote the development of creative ideas? Somewhere that is free of the annoying distractions of everyday life? A place where people can get together and have the time and space to explore an idea to its fullest extent? Somewhere where ideas can be jotted down as soon as they arise, so that nothing is forgotten?

Open space outdoor area

A new venture in Bristol offers all of these things right in the heart of the city. OpenSpace is an initiative that has been brought to life by the Sustainable Brand Engagement specialists, 375 Creative. Situated in the West One building on St. George’s Road (near the Central Library), the empty space next to the offices used by 375 Creative have been transformed into a 2000 square foot event space available to hire for a whole range of uses.

Open Space kitchen

OpenSpace has been designed to maximise flexibility and inspire creative thinking. The large, light and airy space can be divided up or left as one large space, depending on your needs. There is an outdoor patio area as well as the indoor area. There is a kitchen and large dining table. You can bring or make your own food or OpenSpace can help with sourcing catering.

Open space pallets

Chairs, tables and display areas are available to position as required, so that a bespoke space can be created to meet the specific needs of the event that is taking place. There is free wifi so that contact with those outside the space is unimpeded.


But perhaps the most exciting thing about OpenSpace is the emphasis on removing blocks to creativity by encouraging users to record their thoughts wherever those thoughts occur – be it at the dining table, out on the patio or in a meeting space. One of the major facilitators of this is the UK’s largest magnetic whiteboard (312 square feet). You can scribble, make notes, develop plans and offer suggestions, annotate drawings and more on this giant repository for creativity. Take photos of the wall though out to record what has happened. The wall can also be used as a projector screen for films, slides and presentations.

Open Space 3

OpenSpace is designed to stimulate creativity and showcase ideas. It is available to hire seven days a week for events, product launches, exhibitions, pop-up shops, workshops and more. To find out more about the facilities at OpenSpace and hire costs, visit their website:

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