Creative Bristol – time to move on

As many of you will know, I had been unable to update the Creative Bristol website this year because other commitments have taken up my time (much more of my time than expected). I have loved sharing the creative culture of Bristol, but there comes a time with every project when it feels right to move on. Now feels like the time for me to move on and close this website. The Creative Bristol website will close in December 2019. I will continue to share information on Facebook, but this may not be as often as previously. The Creative Bristol Twitter account will also close in December.

I know how frustrating it is to visit a website and find out of date information. I don’t want this website to become a relic from some earlier time in Bristol’s creative history. Everything I see on social media makes me confident that there are enough people who are passionate about the creative activities in Bristol for me to step back. Bristol is a dynamic and constantly evolving city and it needs someone with the time and energy to let you know what is happening as soon as it is happening.

Many thanks for making this project so enjoyable.

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